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History & Milestone

History & Milestone
TSM was established on 6 March 1962
First established as a provider of automotive parts, established by deed dated March 6, 1962, number 19, which made by Notary Lim Toeng Kie, SH Notary in Jakarta, which has been published in the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia dated July 20, 1962, number 58, Supplement Number 275, (later amended the latest by deed dated May 20, 1997 number 45, which debuted by Notary Ny. Rukmasanti hardjasatya, SH which has been published in the State Gazette of the Republic Indonesia dated March 14, 2000, number 21, Supplemental 1297).
TSM become the sole agent and distributor of BMW Cars in Indonesia
PT Tjahja Sakti Motor officially appointed as sole agent holder of BMW car brand in indonesia based in Jalan Raya Cikini (Now Djamoko Motor Building). And in 1977, the first BMW 520 / E12 Car product in Indonesia was launched from an assembly plant in Jakarta (in cooperation with PT Indonesia Service Company at West Jakarta lodan road).
Astra International became the majority shareholder of TSM
PT Tjahja Sakti Motor become member of Astra under Astra Motor Vehicle Division (Astra MVD located in the region Sunter) starting on 1986.
TSM appointed PT Gaya Motor as the assembler of BMW Cars
BMW Assembly Plant Displacement from PT Indonesia Service Company to PT Gaya Motor in Sunter area.
TSM became the sole agent of Peugeot
PT Tjahja Sakti Motor expand the business with Peugeot Brand in Indonesia. entrusted by Astra Group as an Importer and Manufacturer of Peugeot cars at Indonesia. Previously conducted by PT Astra France Motor and later on PT Tjahja Sakti Motor become the brand holder of Peugeot.
TSM has become the sole agent of MINI
MINI is car brand under BMW Group. PT Tjahja Sakti Motor are trusted to handle the Completely Build Up importation of this cars to Indonesian Market. This become one of marks of MINI journey in Indonesia Market.
TSM established partnership with UD Trucks
TSM develop new cooperation with UD Trucks Corp and PT Volvo Indonesia as APM brand "UD Trucks" in Indonesia.
This project is believed to develops Astra Value Chain among the Astra group.
TSM successfully made the business of UD Trucks into an independent company
UDAMI or known as UD Trucks Astra Motor Indonesia are established under supervision of Astra and Volvo Corporation. TSM as the brandholder of UD Trucks make sure the transition are going smooth and success to upgrade overall UD Trucks operation & its market share in Indonesia
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